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Hi, I'm Logan, a senior product designer, I have over 15 years of experience in product and web app design, and I'm passionate about creating user-centric and data-driven solutions that deliver value and impact.

Besides product design, I have a deep love for creating artwork, whether it's photobashing, 3D conceptual art, or a blend of AI-generated creations. I enjoy experimenting with different styles and techniques, and I'm always eager to learn new skills and challenge myself.

I enjoy working with different teams and collaborating with others, as well as working on my own and creating rad experiences

Let's make it happen!

Logan. -
Autonomy Design
Clean Air Mask
Yeez Up Daawg!
Take it Yeezy!
Ghost : Three
Ghost : Two
Ghost : One
Floating Rocks + Logos
R Infotainment Dashboard
Social Experimental Dashboard
JM Salon Home / Landing Page 3
JM Salon Home / Landing Page 2
JM Salon Home / Landing Page 1
Component Three
Digital Dog Tag

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