For the CSBC Re-Brand project I worked with Legible Design Firm;

The CSBC rebrand and website redesign involved several steps. First, we looked at the analysis of its brand identity and target audience, to determine the goals of the rebranding effort.

Once the goals were established, I began developing a new brand identity, which included a new logo, color scheme, and other visual elements.

Next, I worked on the website redesign to create a new website that reflects the new brand identity and meets the needs of its target audience. This involved updating the site's design, layout, and functionality, as well as adding new content and features. 

The Brand


CSBC Website Re-Design

For the website redesign project, our primary goal was to vividly translate the new brand identity into the online space.

I brought the main logo to life through captivating animations using Adobe After Effects, seamlessly weaving together clips of California to evoke a strong sense of gathering within the visual narrative.

To ensure a cohesive design approach and streamline the development process, I meticulously crafted a style guide and mini design system using Adobe XD. This not only maintained design consistency but also alleviated guesswork for our developers.

Recognizing the importance of covering a wide array of content requirements, including unforeseen ones, I undertook the task of designing various page layouts and components that could be flexibly utilized for multiple use cases, some of which are not showcased here.

It was imperative to create a seamless user experience for both desktop and mobile devices, and my designs catered to the needs of both platforms.


CSBC Unity Sessions

This was a quick landing page design done for the Unity Sessions, by CSBC and was done before the new brand and website designs where done.


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