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During my tenure at NASDAQ, my role as an agile product designer revolved around the creation of user-centered designs that not only addressed the requirements and objectives of the project but also remained in harmony with the overarching product vision and roadmap. This endeavor necessitated close collaboration with a variety of stakeholders, including product managers and product owners.

The design process was organized into sprints, typically spanning 1-4 weeks, each characterized by a well-defined set of deliverables. Working in tandem with the product owner, I would prioritize design tasks and establish a backlog of user stories, ensuring that our efforts remained aligned with project goals.

At the conclusion of each sprint, I would present my design work to stakeholders and the product owner for a comprehensive review, inviting valuable feedback that occasionally prompted user interviews to further refine our designs. Incorporating this feedback and making necessary revisions was an integral part of the process before embarking on the subsequent sprint.

In essence, my role as a Product Designer at NASDAQ demanded a continuous and dynamic partnership with a diverse group of professionals, including product managers, product owners, and other stakeholders, throughout the design journey.


Some examples of my work while at NASDAQ.


My time with this company was truly exceptional. I had the privilege of collaborating with an exceptionally talented team of Product Designers, and our work together not only expanded my professional knowledge but also resulted in enduring friendships.

One of the most rewarding aspects of my experience was gaining a deep understanding of the stock exchange and getting to know the inner workings of NASDAQ. Several opportunities to travel to New York allowed me to work in person with our remarkable team of Product Designers and Product Owners, which enriched my understanding of the industry.

My journey with NASDAQ spanned from November 2013 to May 2016, marking a significant and formative period in my career.

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